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Taking a workshop...   wHAT STUDENTS SAY:


... Judi gave design direction without imposing her preference, and was generous with her equipment and materials. 

...If  you want to have fun working with hammers, torches,  metals  and enamels to  create some beautiful jewelry, I highly recommend taking one of these fabulous workshops!  Judi was there to guide us and offer suggestions - can't wait to do it again!

...I've taken Judi's enameling class more than once because it is fun and so well organized. It's apparent how many hours of work Judi puts into preparing to teach her workshops because they flow smoothly, the materials are organized and arranged in a user friendly manner and she aware of the safety issues needed to teach working with torches and hot metal. She's friendly, upbeat, knowledgable and encouraging.

... Judi's classes are fun. You are able to learn in a well organized space with lots of freedom to create. 

...  What a wonderful class!  My friends and I had a great time learning how to create enamel jewelry. We all wore what we made to dinner after the class and one could see all of our personalities in our jewelry.  Your work-space atmosphere, knowledge  and gentle guidance allowed us to have the courage to create some wonderful pieces.  We would do it again in an instant

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